Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What kind of work can JR Management Consultancy do?
A:  JR Management Consultancy carries out a variety of corporate management and training.  Should you engage us, we will assess the needs of your company and make the appropriate recommendations suited for your company’s needs; be it in terms of filling up a management portfolio or a re-vamp of a department.
Q:  Why would you need a consultant?
A:  It can be very difficult for a member of your staff to be taken out of their functional and /or operational role to develop new markets, formulate training programs and run the operations at the same time. Hiring a consultant provides your company with not just varied experiences of our consulting team but also an endless network of resources to get the job done in the most effective way.
Q:  What does a consultant do?
A:  Our consultants help companies to develop processes, programs, business plans and strategies.  This can be done through facilitation and understudying your company’s needs.  We will help the staff to align to your company objectives, thought and decision making processes.
Q:  What kind of secretariat services does JR Management Consultancy provide?
A:  We understand that some organisations and agencies need support to engage and communicate with their clients.  JR Management Consultancy not only targets to provide secretariat services to assist in client management but also to support your company’s operational and administrative needs.
Q: What is train the trainers’ program?
A:  JR Management Consultancy constantly does research into current trends and will work with company to develop a train the trainers program suited and targeted for your corporate needs.
Q:  Can you help us design and customised corporate training programs just for our organisation?
A:  Yes, we can. We supported a number of community based organisations, schools and companies in the development of their business plans.   We will work with you to customize the a training program suited to meet your needs.